Top Free CAD Software

CAD software can be expensive, but you don’t have to budget for expensive solutions when there are free CAD software packages for Windows and Mac.

There is so much you can do with the right computer-aided design software in design, architecture, engineering, and planning. The worry is how much you will have to pay to enjoy this software. The good news is, there are free CAD software packages that are efficient, easy to use, accurate, and are compatible with your existing systems just like the propriety software. Be careful to read all terms and conditions to avoid traps of hidden fees and free trials. This article will highlight the top free CAD software packages available in the market compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


FreeCAD is free/open-source parametric 3D modeling software. Which primarily targeting the real world design of any size objects. This moderately high capability software with inbuilt, great tool to Parametric modeling, Sketching, Assembly, Technical Drawing module, Rendering, Simulation, Architecture module, CNC/CAM tool path, Mesh editing,…and more.


OpenSCAD is a solid 3D modeling software which is primary targeting CAD modeling instead of 3D artist aspects. However it has great potential in developing computer animations. The OpenSCAD is free software by the way. It offers a 3D modeling platform where you can define parameters through script files rather than using an interactive sculptor. OpenSCAD best works for engineers to build machine parts. Import/export, 2D outline extrusion, and constructive solid geometry are some of its unique features. Moreover, it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.


TinkerCAD is best suited for beginners and children using Windows or Mac. It is browser-based free CAD software that uses a building blocks system with basic solid shapes, imports vector shapes and turns them to manipulation of shapes, cloud storage, import of 2D and 3D file format like stl, obj,..possible.


LibreCAD is another open-source high-quality 2D modeling software available without a price-tag to Windows, Linux, and Mac users. It has snap-to-grid drawing, dimension, import/export and layering features making it easy to work with.

With free CAD software packages, you can concept design, create innovate idea as start up before go for high-quality products for your innovative product idea. Also which help to familiarize & learn the basic of CAD software at no cost.

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